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Frequently Asked Questions on VCan Trust:-

  • Is VCan an international organisation?
VCan is an Indian trust and almost all VCan  supporters are Indian or of Indian origin. VCan funds are deployed in India to benefit underprivileged Indian children and a small proportion is also invested in local causes. 

  • Does VCan  receive government funding?
As an NGO (non-government organisation), we do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes. The government has also extended certain tax and duty exemptions to us, enabling us minimise costs

  • In that case, how does VCan  raise resources? 
VCan raises the valuable resources we need for our work through:
1 Individuals
2 Corporate and institutional donations

  • The problem is huge! Will my small contribution make a difference?
    It most certainly does. A small amount goes a long way. In fact, individuals’ contributions form almost 90 to 95% of our income. Taken together, it is these seemingly small contributions that collectively add up to a large amount needed to effect change. There are people all over who are concerned about the situation of children & needy people and who want to do something to change it. However, their own commitments and pressures do not allow them to go out and directly work the needies. VCan  provides them the opportunity to help in whatever way they can. They can contribute their money, materials, time, or skills. When everybody comes together and pitches in, no task is impossible. 

  • What is the role of VCan  in ensuring Child Rights?
At VCan  , we believe that sustainable change for children is possible only when we address the root causes – such as non-functioning schools,child labour, unemployed parents, non-availability of healthcare centers etc – that keep children away from their rights and vulnerable. 
we work with children and communities to make them aware of their rights, and empower them to address their issues and demand what is rightfully theirs. Therefore ensuring not just a small change, but an entire movement towards sustainable change in the lives of the children and their families.

  • How does VCan  choose the projects it supports?
Our selection process is based on the values of HonestyRespectCommitment , Freedom and PrincipleVCan  Development Support division works closely with partners to understand their needs, ensure resources are optimally used through regular budgeting and reporting systems aided by Account Aid, a firm of chartered accountants specialising in this sector. 

  • How does VCan  cover its own costs?
VCan  organisational costs comprise:
1 Raising donations
2 Selecting, monitoring, evaluating and providing capacity building inputs to projects
3 Creating public awareness on our children's situation and their rights
4 Support activities like administration, human resources, communication, information technology and financial management.